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Tinting Over Factory Tint?
Factory tint looks good, but usually, the performance just isn’t there. Learn the difference between factory and aftermarket tint, and what you might be missing out.

One of the most frequent questions our specialists get asked about automotive window tinting is to explain the difference between factory tinted windows and aftermarket window tinting.

It very common for vehicles to have some tinting applied in the factory. Most newer models, especially SUV’s and Mini-Vans have a factory installed tint with approximately 15% visible light transmission (VLT) on most windows except the windshield and driver and front passenger windows.

What are the benefits to aftermarket automotive window film? The truth is the factory tinted glass doesn’t provide nearly the same benefit as professionally installed window film. Tint from the factory is really more of a cosmetic enhancement, and while it slightly reduces glare, factory tint doesn’t deflect heat or protect the vehicle occupants from damaging ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays.

At top tier shops with the Autobahn™ seal of approval, like Diversity Auto Films, you will find dealers that maintain the aesthetics of your vehicle and ensure you drive away safe, satisfied and looking great. Here’s how they do it:

Achieve Cosmetic Consistency

We ensure our after-market tint matches the factory tint in both shade and degree of reflectivity. At Diversity, we have a large selection of Autobahn window film in a wide variety of shade levels, as well as tints that are reflective and non-reflective. In most cases a non-reflective window film will match perfectly to the factory tint on the rear glass.

Added Protection

The aftermarket, professionally installed films by Autobahn™ prevent 99.9% solar heat, and UVA and UVB from getting in through those windows. This means your vehicle will remain cooler all summer long, and have to rely less on your air conditioning system. This results in tangible fuel savings that add up over time.

Our aftermarket window films can also protect driver and passengers from injuries caused by glass shattering. In the event of a motor vehicle incident or a crack from a stray pebble or rock, the strong adhesive on aftermarket window films acts as a protective layer that holds glass together in one piece instead of shattering all over the inside of the car.

Autobahn™ dealers have creative solutions to almost any challenge. Some SUV drivers want window film installed on the inside of their factory tinted windows, to gain double the heat rejection and UV protection without adding any reflectivity to the glass.

We Know the Limitations

We are aware of the local laws around aftermarket window film. We follow the guidelines to ensure each tint installation meets window visible light transmission films statutes. In most provinces, the installation of window film on a windshield is limited to a small strip across the top of the windshield, and is not permitted on front driver or passenger side windows.

We also are aware of technological advancements in the rapid growth of on-board electronics, and can reassure our customers that our aftermarket window film won’t interfere with the operation of their Bluetooth, GPS signals, radar detectors or premium satellite radio options like XM or Sirius.

More Protection is Better

If you are looking for increased heat rejection in the summer, better heat retention in the winter, improved security and privacy, and 99.9% rejection of UV rays in your vehicle, aftermarket tint is the only way to go. Give us a shout today, we would love to answer your questions and help you upgrade your vehicle today.

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