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Paint Protection for Canadian Life
Here is why Paint Protection Films are perfect solutions for issues that Canadian drivers face every day.

Canada is known for its tough weather, and tougher people. The paint on our vehicles however, can tell a different story. Whether you live in the wet western coastal region or in the sub-zero climates, the weather and harsh conditions will eventually take its toll on your vehicle’s paint and finish.

Enduring the weather and Canada’s extensive off-road network year after year will cause damage, like cracks and chips in your vehicle paint, and adds up to a ride that appears older and more weathered than its years. If you don’t want your car or truck to lose its lustre and resale value, think about adding Paint Protection Film. At Diversity, we offer cutting edge paint protection film that protects your ride from the elements and maintains the original beauty and lustre of your paint.

Diversity’s Paint Protection Film is the latest and most advanced development in car paint protection available today. With Paint Protection Film installed on your vehicle, your car or truck will be protected in a number of ways, including:

Road Hazards

Hazards exist in all seasons, and Paint Protection Film adds a barrier between your cars paint and corrosive elements like road salt that can cause severe damage to your ride. In warmer climates where salt corrosion isn’t a huge concern, there are still hazards like gravel, debris, stones, and insects – even excessive fading due to harsh sunlight that urethane Paint Protection Film is designed to prevent.

Nearly Invisible

Diversity’s Paint Protection Film is not saran wrap for your car. Our films are EXTREMELY thin, and can be applied it to any painted surface. Our computer controlled system designs and cuts each piece of film to fit every angle of your vehicle – the hood, fenders, mirrors and bumpers – with 100% accurate application. The options are unlimited. Show us your Smart Car, lifted truck, van, bus, SUV, RV- we love a challenge, so bring in your vehicle for a free quote today.

Customizable Options

Diversity’s Paint Protection Film is more than added protection. The options are limitless when we add window films as well, along with headlight and taillight film applications that can enhance the security of any car, truck, SUV and even motorcycles! From blacking out back windows to protecting your paint, Diversity can help you find the perfect look.

If you want to protect your vehicle investment from winter weather and year-round construction hazards, contact Diversity today and let us show you how Paint Protection Film can work for you.

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