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Reasons Why Winter Tint is a Good Idea
Window tint is more than a summer accessory – it’s a 365 solution.

In Victoria, winter is settling in. Motorists all over the city are gearing up for winter driving; equipping with snow tires, scraping frost off of windshields, and getting used to warming up their cars in the morning before taking off. Once we actually start driving, we are reminded that winter driving presents the worst road conditions of the entire year.

Tinted windows are often considered a summer accessory, however may benefits of tint will only reveal themselves in the winter. Here are a few reasons to consider automotive window tinting this winter.

Fade Protection

Many people know that window tint protects drivers from ultraviolet radiation, but are unaware that tint protects the interior furnishings of their cars from damage as well. This means that window tint will help your car look newer for longer.

Although the winter months are cold, the sun is still strong enough to damage materials like vinyl, leather, and wood. Even high-quality clear tint will protect your interior from nearly 100% of UV radiation, meaning you don’t have to alter the look of your vehicle to get the protection you want.

Improved Visibility

Winter in Victoria is the most difficult for driving. The glare shining off of fresh snow or wet streets and windows can blind us when we least expect it. In addition to the glare, the sun maintains a lower trajectory in the sky, meaning it shines into drivers eyes more of the time.

Glare reduction is one of the most sought-after reasons for automotive window tint. Make sure you can drive safely this winter, by equipping your vehicle with automotive window tint.

Better Insulation

Window tint blocks out solar heat, meaning your car won’t turn into an oven during hot, sunny, summer days. While it accomplishes this goal wonderfully, window tint also acts s a layer of insulation to your windows, meaning it will take less time to heat up your car in the morning. Get your day started faster, more comfortable, and safer with automotive window film.


Window tint is one of the simplest and most effective vehicle modifications you can get, and it is also one of the few that actually increase the value of your vehicle. Here is a list of the services we offer, so you can get briefed on our catalogue. To get started today, just give us a shout – we’re always happy to chat.

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