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Can I Use PPF and a Ceramic Coating?
Both PPF and ceramic coatings offer amazing performance, but how do you choose which one is best for you? If only there was third option…

Ceramic coatings represent the pinnacle of hydrophobic technology, UV resistance, chemical protection, and deep gloss. But paint protection films offer superior protection against scratches, scuffs, and rock chips. So, which is best?

The answer: Both.

We hear lots of motorists debating the merits of PPF over ceramic coatings, or the other way around. The big thing that these folks are missing is that you can actually get the best of both worlds. You can have ceramic coatings applied on top of your PPF, not only giving you the best qualities of both, but the ceramic coating will actually help your PPF last longer. Read more below.

Here’s why it makes sense to get PPF, and then coat it:

UV Protection

Most PPF is specifically designed NOT to protect against UV damage because it isn’t applied to the entirety of your vehicle. It actually looks better if all of your paint fades evenly than if some fades and some don’t.

On the other hand, ceramic coatings do cover the entirety of your vehicle, so they ARE engineered to protect against UV damage. By putting a ceramic coating on top of your PPF, you are not only protecting your paint from UV damage but also the PPF itself.

Rock Chips

Ceramic coatings are awesome, but their big drawback is that they are too thin to protect against rock chips. And every time you get a rock chip, the damaged area needs to be sanded down, repainted, and re-coated. This process can be expensive, and annoying if it happens more than once or twice.

PPF effectively protects against rock chips, so you can rest assured that your paint will be safe while driving through gravel, construction zones, or on the highway. Read about how PPF protects your vehicle from rock chips right here.

Protect Your PPF

PPF is a significant investment, so it’s worth it to add a bit of bonus protection. Due to their chemical composition, ceramic coatings are more chemically resistant than PPF. That means that if a tree drips any sap on your car, or a bird leaves any… deposits, you don’t have to worry about it damaging the outer elastomeric layer of the PPF.

Hydrophobic Awesomeness

Arguably the best quality of ceramic coatings is their hydrophobicity. Water can’t collect on the surface of a ceramic coating because it is too smooth, so it simply sheds right off. This effect makes your maintenance routine easier in two ways:

First, as water can’t stick to the coating, neither can mud nor dirt. That means that vehicles with ceramic coatings need to be cleaned far less often than vehicles without coatings. Second, when the time comes for a cleaning, you will be amazed at how fast and easy the washing process is.

Diversity Can Take Care of Your PPF Needs

If you live on Vancouver Island, then Diversity Auto Films is your one-stop shop for all your window tinting and paint protection film needs. We have been outfitting Vancouver Island’s vehicles for over 20 years, and are passionate about helping our customers achieve their automotive dreams. To talk to an expert, just get in touch.

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