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Is Your Ride Ready for an Upgrade?
High-quality PPF is the ultimate exterior upgrade. Preserve your car’s paint and enjoy your vehicle, worry-free.

For many of us, our vehicles represent more than just a substantial financial investment and a means to get from A to B. We take pride in the way our vehicles look and perform, so it is important that we find ways to keep them in tip-top shape, and it doesn’t hurt to add some personality to our rides at the same time. Dealers provide few options for true customization for either performance enhancements or aesthetic improvements, so it is usually necessary to look elsewhere.

Here are 5 vehicle upgrades that will seriously improve your car. These customizations range from flashy to subtle, so there really is something for everyone.

Clear Paint Protection

If you are looking to add some extra shine and protection to their vehicles, but aren’t into super flashy upgrades, clear paint protection is for you. Paint protection film is an invisible layer of armour that protects your car from flying road debris, bird droppings, bug impact, and minor scrapes. At Diversity, we provide custom coverage so you can protect the areas of your car that are the most vulnerable. Use these films to protect your car’s paint, add value, and maintain the vehicle’s original high-gloss shine.

Check out this page for more information about paint protection films.

Window Tint

High-quality automotive window tint boosts any vehicle’s style and performance. Professional window tint companies help owners select the right type of tint for them and then provide a flawless application. Owners have the ability to choose the level of darkness that suits their style; even perfectly clear films will block UV rays and reject heat, so there is something for everyone. At Diversity, we only use the highest quality window films that are guaranteed FOR LIFE, so you have no need to worry about the bubbling, cracking, or stretching that accompanies low-grade tint.

Click here for more information about window tint.

Upgraded Bumper

The primary job of the bumper is to protect your car during low-speed collisions. Upgrading your bumper can improve safety, aesthetics, and performance. Owners can upgrade the standard poly-resin bumper used by most manufacturers to a variety of different materials, such as carbon fibre, aluminum, steel, fibreglass, or plastic. Each material has advantages, such as lightweight, style, or safety.

Vehicle Wrap

Business owners love vehicle wraps because they are an easy way to advertise their business and make company vehicles look more professional. Individuals can use vehicle wraps to create a bold statement or add a subtle bit of flair like a racing stripe or the logo of a favourite sports team. Make sure your wrap job is done by specialized professionals.

New Wheels & Rims

Modifying your vehicle’s wheels and rims is a great way to add performance and improve aesthetics. Changing to a low-profile tire or a chunky tire with lots of treads can make your life much easier, and you will enjoy your vehicle even more. New tires and wheels must be properly fit to your vehicle, so to ensure that the steering geometry of your vehicle isn’t compromised, make sure you check in with a trusted tire shop.

Just one of these listed upgrades will be enough to transform your vehicle into something unique. Give your car character and enhance its performance to make sure it stands out from others of the same make and model.

Though many of these upgrades can be done by your trusted auto body shop, clear paint protection and window tint should be applied by only the best in the business. Contact Diversity for a free quote today.

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