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Will PPF Change Your Car’s Look?
PPF protects your vehicle’s paint from damage, but you’ll never know it’s there…

Every year around the beginning of summer we get a fresh influx of clients interested in PPF. We think it’s due to the increase in road construction, and the associated debris that litters the roads. All it takes is a single pebble, flung up by another car, smashing into your hood or fender to make people wonder if there is a better way to protect their cars.

PPF is still the best way to keep one’s vehicle safe from rock chips, scratches, scuffs, and scrapes. No other solution comes close to the outright strength and resilience of PPF, meaning no other solution protects your car from the same range of damage from minor scuffs to would-be significant rock chips. High-quality films are “self-healing”, meaning that the top layer is a flowing polymer that will automatically fix minor scratches and scuffs. Find out more about PPF at Diversity right here.

A big question we get is, “will PPF change the way my vehicle looks?” We understand the concern because the people who are typically most interested in PPF are people who like the way their car looks! It wouldn’t matter how amazingly strong PPF was if it ruined the aesthetic of your vehicle.

Does PPF Change the Way My Vehicle Looks?

The quick answer to this question is, “no”. The application of PPF will not meaningfully change the way your vehicle looks – in fact, one of the most valued features of modern PPF is how it is virtually invisible. From a few feet away, no one would be able to tell that any modification has been done to your car, and you can wash and wax it as normal.

Manufacturers of PPF understand that one of the most important features of their product is its invisibility. It must be odd to design a product that, when successful, will be unnoticed! Not only are modern films amazingly clear, but you will also be protected by a true lifetime warranty against any problems, including peeling, yellowing, bubbling, or cracking.

How Does Sunlight Affect PPF?

We think this is actually two questions. The first question is, “will PPF get damaged by UV light and become ugly?” And the second question is, “over time, will the paint underneath the PPF fade at a different rate than the rest of my paint?”

High-quality PPF has built-in UV inhibitors, which protect the film and its adhesives from UV damage. This is contrary to old or cheap films, which get damaged by sunlight and eventually crack and turn yellow. Gross. All you have to do is choose a high-quality film from a reputable manufacturer and you will be safe from solar degradation.

While the UV inhibitors of films protect them from UV damage, they don’t interfere with UV light reaching your paint. That means that all surfaces on your car, whether or not they are covered by PPF, will fade at the same rate. This is a very important feature of modern films, so you should be wary of films that offer things like, “100% UV protection”. It’s far better looking if ALL your paint fades a little bit than if some parts fade more than others.

Trust the Local Experts

When it comes to your vehicle, it’s not worth messing around with bottom-of-the-barrel cheap options – that isn’t to say that it’s not worth searching out value. At Diversity, we enjoy talking to each customer on a 1-on-1 basis to establish what their needs look like so we can recommend the best products and services based on their priorities, budget, and goals. Just give us a shout anytime, we’re happy to help.

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