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Feeling Thankful This Weekend
Happy Thanksgiving to our friends, families, and partners of Diversity.

Thanksgiving is a time when we reflect on the people and things in our lives that we’re grateful for, and most of us give thanks for similar things….health, stability and living in a country that’s for the most part, safe and secure. Personal safety is a hot topic right now, and I feel very fortunate to be able to share products and services from our partners that help our customers live safe and comfortable lives.

This might sound obvious, but I am thankful for window film technology. Window film addresses several key areas of health and safety, and once you’re finished reading this article I think you will see the same benefits.

Window film is designed to protect your skin

Warnings about the damaging effects of the sun are nothing new. The sun’s UV rays can damage and age your skin, something that the anti-aging industry has been harping about for years, and we’re responding to the tune of 192 BILLION dollars by 2019. Even the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tint to combat sun exposure, because many of the statistics related to skin damage are caused by sitting behind a pane of glass in an office, car or home. Window film can block more than 99% of damaging UV rays. I feel very grateful that we are able to share this technology with others.

It cuts down glare and your energy bill

Window film reduces glare while driving, even at sunrise or sunset. Glare from the sun is a leading cause of fading and damage to your interior, which is annoying and somewhat costly if you’re looking at replacing furnishings.

The real cost savings come into play when you look at how effective window film is at reducing your energy costs. You can save a ton of cash on fuel with these simple tips, and I am very thankful to get to share these ideas with you.

It helps protect you from intruders, broken glass, & hazardous weather

Windows are high risk entry points into homes and businesses. Safety and Security film comes in an array of tints that prevent intruders from being able to see inside your home or business to case the place for valuables and is also a physical barrier to intruders.

The film also helps keep glass together in the event of a severe storm, accidental breakage or deliberate break-in, ensuing your family is protected from injuries from flying shards of glass. Our friends at Sun Shade do this for homes and businesses around the city, and they are making a huge impact in the community.

These are just a few reasons why I am feeling thankful this week. Thanks to our friend and family, and special thanks to the wonderful clients we serve in Victoria, it is an absolute pleasure to be here!

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