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Did Tesla Make a Huge Mistake?
This big pivot tells us they miscalculated their glass roof.

When Tesla announced the Model 3 they had record pre-orders, 500,000 in fact, making it the largest product launch in history. One of the big selling points was its sleek design, affordable price, and beautiful front to back roof. A solid piece of glass from hood to trunk. It is unusual for such a thing to be found in a vehicle at this price point, because of the costs involved, and it becomes clear right away that there were a few issues.

The first issue was the price

It turns out that you don’t get this beautiful and giant piece of glass for free, instead it is part of a $5000 upgrade package. That was mildly disappointing for many hopeful reservation holders. More frustrating was that the $5000 upgrade was mandatory at first production to make their ramp-up easier. This means you need to wait to pay less for the vehicle, putting people between a rock and hard place. Do you wait to pay less, or make use of your early reservation but pay an extra 5K?

The second issue is the heat

We have written extensively on the issue of factory tint vs aftermarket tint. To sum it up succinctly, factory tint often blocks 0 UVA and UVB rays, while aftermarket tint blocks more than 99% of both. Kudos to Tesla, though, as their factory tinted roof does block UV light. This is a huge benefit for people who do not know that this is an important issue. This bring us to the problem: HEAT. How do I know that Tesla Model 3’s with a glass roof are going to cook inside in the summer? Easy. First of all, rejecting some visible light, as this roof does, does not reject infrared radiation (heat). It will be darker in your Model 3, yes, but it will not be cooler. Is there proof of this if the car is not out yet? Yes. Upon testing, Tesla realized the heat would be a problem and they are now selling this in the store, even before the vehicle has been delivered: A SUN SHADE. They say this will block 2/3 of the thermal load of solar radiation entering your vehicle. Isn’t it interesting that they force early buyers to get a $5000 upgrade that includes a glass roof, but you will need to also buy a sun shade to cover the whole thing up?

Isn’t it interesting that they force early buyers to get a $5000 upgrade that includes a glass roof, but you will need to also buy a sun shade to cover the whole thing up?

Another Better Option

At Diversity, we work with our customers to maintain the cosmetic aesthetics of their vehicle, and ensure they drive away safe, satisfied and looking great. That means adding window film to part of the vehicle that cause excessive glare, EXCESSIVE HEAT (like in the Model 3), and block more than 99% of damaging UV light. Here is how we do it.

Achieve Cosmetic Consistency

We ensure our after-market tint matches the factory tint in both shade and degree of reflectivity. At Diversity, we have a large selection of window film in a wide variety of shade levels, as well as tints that are reflective and non-reflective. In most cases a non-reflective window film will match perfectly to the factory tint on the rear glass.

Added Protection

The aftermarket professionally installed films by Diversity prevent 99.9% solar heat, and UVA and UVB from getting in through those windows. This means your vehicle will remain cooler all summer long, and have to rely less on your air conditioning system. This results in tangible fuel savings, that add up over time. In a Tesla, reducing heat means less A/C, which means less energy is used. Bye bye range anxiety!

Our aftermarket window films can also protect driver and passengers from injuries caused by glass shattering. In the event of a motor vehicle incident or a crack from a stray pebble or rock, the adhesive on aftermarket window films acts as a protective layer that holds glass together in one piece instead of shattering all over the inside of the car, and onto passenger’s heads.

We Know the Limitations

We are aware of the local laws around aftermarket window film. We follow the guidelines to ensure each tint installation meets window visible light transmission films statutes. In British Columbia, the installation of window film on a windshield is limited to a small strip across the top of the windshield, and is not permitted on front driver or passenger side windows. We will be able to completely tint the Model 3’s glass roof to keep it from shattering, reducing heat, and blocking all UV light.

We also are aware of technological advancements in the rapid growth of on-board electronics, and can reassure our customers that our aftermarket window film won’t interfere with the operation of their Bluetooth, GPS signals, radar detectors or premium satellite radio options like XM or Sirius.

More Protection is Better

If you are looking for increased heat rejection in the summer, better heat retention in the winter, improved security and privacy, and 99.9% rejection of UV rays in your vehicle, aftermarket tint is the only way to go. Give us a shout today, we would love to answer your questions.

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