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The Things That Damage Your Paint
And how to avoid them for good.

Anytime you take your vehicle on the road, you risk getting a blemish on the paint. Particularly if you’ve got a new vehicle, or have recently had new paint job for your older vehicle, you’ll want to be aware of the many things that can cause damage to your paint.

Pebbles and Gravel

The worst areas to drive are construction zones, where tar is mixed in with loose pebbles and stones. If you can’t completely avoid construction zones, at lease proceed with caution to minimize sticky, tarry gravel from kicking up and hitting your vehicle. The chips in the paint will become weak areas prone to further damage down the road. Avoid construction areas if at all possible.

All that ongoing construction at the McKenzie interchange means lots of extra gravel and construction debris on the road. If that stretch of road is part of your daily commute, you should consider investing in serious paint protection.

Bugs and Bird Droppings

Dead bugs are more than unsightly, they have acid inside their bodies that eats away at the paint. You can buy a bug deflector or install a custom auto bra to deflect the bugs from the actual paint on the vehicle. Believe it or not, bird droppings are acidic, too. Both bugs and droppings should be washed off as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to your paint.


Dirt should be rinsed off monthly. Use a hose before getting right into the washing. This prevents the wash mitt from dragging dirt and debris through the paint. Dirt and dust is composed of everything from soil particles, and to tar residue whatever chemicals and toxins are in the air. It can eat away at the paint, especially if your car hasn’t been waxed in a while.


Unless you only drive at night, sunlight is impossible to completely avoid all together. You can have some control over where you park or store your car during the day. Pick shade or a covered area whenever possible to prevent sun fading and damage to your cars paint. If you have a garage at home-use it.


Metal coming into contact with any kind of moisture can eventually rust. If the car is left to sit somewhere, isn’t driven frequently, or gets neglected it will eventually rust. In addition to rust in a cosmetic sense, you should make sure this doesn’t happen because the frame can rust as well, causing dangerous structural weakness that can lead to accidents.

The Solution

To avoid and prevent every single threat to your vehicle’s finish, car owners are turning more and more to premium paint protection film. As a certified Autobahn dealer, Diversity Auto Films has access not only to the highest grade paint protection films on the market, but we are able to back it with a Lifetime Guarantee directly from the manufacturer. Having the highest grade products, expertly installed, and backed for a lifetime is the only way to treat your pride and joy.

Looking for a paint protection solution for your vehicle? Give us a shout today. We would love to help you out.

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