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Do You Have FOBT? (Fear of Bad Tint)
The only good thing about poorly installed, low-quality, ugly, and ineffective tint is that it’s easy to remove and easier to avoid.

Why Are People Afraid?

We understand why so many people have a fear of putting window tint on their vehicles, even though they like what tint has to offer. We think the biggest reason why people fear bad tint is because a poor tint job is so much more noticeable than a good one. If you’re driving down the street and pass by a hundred professionally tinted vehicles with well-applied and good-looking tint, you probably won’t bat an eye; those cars will look attractive, but you might not even be able to put your finger on why they look so good. However, the single vehicle with cracked, bubbled, and discoloured tint that you drive by will be hard to forget.

Don’t Let One Bad Apple Spoil the Bunch

As a rational human being, you can’t let the single motorist who decided to apply cheap, off-the-shelf DIY tint on their vehicle corrupt your perspective on window tint as a whole. The problem here isn’t window tint itself, the problem is sub-standard products and poor application. There are lots of reasons to choose a professional installer for your tint – in fact, we wrote a post about this issue not long ago.

The cracking, peeling, and discolouration you see in ugly tint jobs are due to cheap adhesives and films that are quickly broken down by UV light. Imagine that, a window covering that is ruined by sunlight. Modern films made by reputable manufacturers have UV inhibitors built into the films and use quality adhesives. This means that these films remain pliable and healthy for DECADES – truly premium films like those made by Autobahn come with bulletproof warranties.

Fight Back with Diversity

Conquering the fear of bad tint is all about choosing the right products and people. To gain the peace of mind that you want, all you need to do is go to your local tinting experts – on Vancouver Island, that’s Diversity. Diversity Auto Films sees more satisfied customers than any other tint shop in Victoria. This is because of our superior product from Autobahn, our expert installers, and our extensive warranty and service guarantee. Don’t fear bad tint, come to Diversity for a premium experience, and results that will last.

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