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What Cheap Tint Really Costs You
Super low-cost tint jobs are cheap for a reason. Don’t get suckered into a tint job you’ll regret.

 “We Tint Any Car 4 Cheap!!” 

It’s not uncommon to come across advertisements like this now and then. If you have been doing research before your next tint job, you have probably noticed a huge price range for window tint jobs, ranging anywhere from $99 to almost $800. At first glance, the cheap option seems like a great choice; cheaper is better, right? However, the truth is that cheap window tint jobs cost less for a reason and will definitely end up costing you down the road. Cheap tint jobs are not a good deal.

There are a few reasons why prices for window tinting can vary so greatly, here are the main ones.

Quality and Experience

The adage “you get what you pay for” rings especially true when it comes to automotive window film. Poor quality tint, or any tint applied by an inexperienced installer, will end up leaving you unsatisfied. If you’ve ever seen a vehicle with bubbling, cracking, or torn window tint, you know what to expect from low-quality tint.

The reason for the bubbling, cracking, and tearing is poor adhesive. All tint has an adhesive backing, which is responsible for keeping the film stuck to your window. Poor quality films use adhesives that are quickly degraded by the sun. When the adhesive fails, the film will begin to separate from the glass, leading to bubbles, weakness, and a loss of optical clarity. The consequences of poor quality tint make your windows difficult to see out of, especially during nighttime driving. This is extremely dangerous.

To protect yourself against films that separate from the glass, make sure you select a tint manufacturer with a bulletproof reputation for durability. As a licensed Autobahn dealer, we are proud to offer LIFETIME warranties against any sort of defect, meaning you can feel confident that your windows will look fantastic for years to come.

Inferior Films Age Poorly

One of the things we hate to see most are films that have either lost their tint or turned to that terrible murky purple colour. Cheap film manufacturers use low-grade dye to give colour to their films. When exposed to sunlight, these dyes will either bleach until clear or turn purple.

If you want your tint to last, and avoid purple windows, make sure that the film you select is stable and won’t be rendered useless by sunlight. High-quality films, like the Hüper Optik films we carry at Diversity, use patented Nano-Ceramic technology to guarantee their films against any sort of solar degradation.

Hidden Costs

After 20 years in the tinting business, we know that cheap tint jobs end up costing you more than a premium job. We often get asked how this is true, and the answer lies in the process of removing old tint. Inevitably, the poor-quality tint will degrade to the point where you need to have it removed and replaced. Removing old, cracked window tint is not an easy job – low-end films require hours to properly remove and can cost up to $250 just for the labour.

Don’t be tempted by cheap tint; do it once, and do it right. When you choose Diversity, you choose the best. If you have any questions, are looking for a quote, or want to know which formula of tint is right for you, give us a shout.

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