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Reclaim Privacy in Your Car
Feel more comfortable on your commute, running errands, and sitting in traffic.

Films Enhance Vehicle Privacy and Eliminate Solar Glare

It’s a nice feeling when someone comments on how nice our car looks, or even when we just notice someone’s gaze lingering on our recently waxed vehicle. We all take pride in our vehicles, especially the way they look.

However, we often find ourselves on the road wanting nothing more than complete privacy. When an admiring glance turns into an uncomfortable stare, it can be very concerning.

Privacy glass is an easy solution to this problem. Privacy glass creates a visual partition from the outside of your vehicle that stops pedestrians, other motorists, or any passersby from seeing into your vehicle. The privacy created by these films will allow you to enjoy the time you spend in your vehicle without feeling the uncomfortable intrusion of a neighbor’s eye. Privacy films also deliver serious glare reduction and solar heat rejection to keep you safer.

Autobahn’s privacy glass can keep wandering eyes away from you and solar rays out of your vehicle.

Why Privacy Films?

As you can probably tell, it’s not too complicated: the main benefit of privacy glass is right there in the name. Everyone appreciates privacy, and that fact doesn’t change while we are on the road.

In many ways, our vehicle is like our home; it is a personal area in which we want to feel safe and calm. By upgrading our windows to prevent outsiders from peering in, we are enhancing those qualities of safety and calmness.

Privacy films will also reduce the likelihood of vehicle burglary by preventing thieves from surveying your belongings. Think about it: if a thief can’t see if there is anything worth stealing, why bother breaking in? They are far more likely to move on to a more rewarding target.

Solar Glare

Solar glare is a lurking danger for drivers. We have all experienced glare but few of us have done anything to combat it. Glare is caused by reflected sunlight shining into your eyes, light can be reflected off of wet roads, windows on buildings, or other vehicles. Glare can even be caused by direct sunlight surprising you from behind a tree.

Cost-efficient window films are one of the best ways that modern drivers can improve their vehicle’s overall performance. Keep you and your occupants more comfortable and safer by investing in privacy window films. With this type of vehicle modification, it’s best to talk to the experts. To get started down the right path to automotive bliss, just give us a shout.

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