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Reduce Vehicle Break-Ins
Here are 5 simple ways you can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of auto crime.

It doesn’t matter if you have a great new car or an old beater, and it doesn’t matter if you live in a posh neighbourhood or a rubbish one, everyone is victim to vehicle break-ins from time to time. Recently, we have had friends victimized by auto crime, which has us thinking about what we could do to drastically reduce break-ins with as little effort as possible. We came up with these 5 easy steps that anyone can do in no time to protect their vehicle and their belongs.


1: Protect Your Belongings

This might seem obvious, but most car break-ins occur because someone has left something of value behind in the car. You can prevent most car break-ins by keeping your valuables and belongings out of sight. You want to make your possessions as unnoticeable as possible so potential thieves will carry on to the next vehicle. What are the best practices?

  1. Remove valuables: take them inside or carry them on your person when you are running errands.
  2. Got a trunk? Use it: take big items out of the passenger compartment and put them in the trunk. If you have a locking trunk latch on the driver’s side, keep it locked at all times.
  3. Protect your audio gear: If you have a nice deck for your sound system, remove the faceplate and put it in the glovebox to deter would-be sound system stealers.
  4. Mo’ money, mo’ break-ins: don’t ever leave cash behind, even change in the console. Many burglars just want a few bucks, so even a little cash is very tempting.


2: Get Your Windows Tinted

This step goes along with number one. Thieves want to steal all of the valuables they can see.  In addition to cooling your car and making it more appealing, window tint can obscure the view of your car’s interior and thereby, protect your car from thieves. If a thief can’t see inside your car to determine if there is anything of value, they will move onto the another vehicle instead.

  1. Determine the darkest tint level you are comfortable with on your back windows. We recommend a limo tint or 5% tint to keep it super dark and reduce all visibility.
  2. Send us a message with your vehicle type and year and we can set up an installation appoint for you almost immediately.


3: Get a security system (even a fake one)

Thieves always look for the easiest target where they can get in and out without drawing attention to themselves or their actions. The funny part is, even if the thief THINKS there is an alarm it can have the exact same effect that an expensive security system has. Here are your options:

  1. Install a high-quality car alarm. Modern car alarms can include options such as motion sensors, knock sensors or a sirens if there is any unauthorized entry into your car, opening of the hood, or entry into the trunk.
  2. Flaunt it if you got it: Make sure to install the security alarm sticker on your windows and use the flashing alarm light inside the vehicle so would-be thieves know what you are packin’.


  1. Fake it ’till you make it: If you don’t have the cash or means to install a security system, just grab a fake alarm kit that gets you the alarm sticker and blinking security light and install those. Trust us, thieves are not the smartest bunch on the road.


4: Park in a Well Lit Area

Your parking location has a significant impact on how likely your car will be targeted for a break-in. Always try to park where your car is highly visible, day or night.

  1. Park in a garage if you can:  If your vehicle is out of sight, it is less likely to be the target of a break-in. In addition, a garage will add a level of security to your car as a thief would now need to break into your garage in order to break into your car.
  2. Park where there is lots of traffic:  Thieves prefer quiet streets and parking lots where they aren’t likely to be seen while breaking into your car.
  3. Park in a well lit area: If you have to park on the street, keep it near a lamp post or other well lit area away from the shadows.


5: Keep Your Windows Up

If it is summer, your car is going to get very hot after you leave it in the sun for a while, especially if it has black paint and dark interior. It is tempting to roll the windows down a bit to keep the air circulating. This is a big mistake! Even a tiny crack is enough for a thief to get their tools in to unlock your car and steal your gear. Keep those windows up at all time.

This is another great reason to consider window tint. High quality automotive window tint rejects solar heat, keeping your car cool and safe all summer long.

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