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Performance and Style Go Hand in Hand
When we were young we tinted for the style, once we learned about the benefits it got even better.

Have you ever sat in traffic next to a vehicle with darkly tinted windows and wondered who’s inside? Tinted windows add privacy and a sense of luxury to pretty much any vehicle. This is an issue where there is no need to be pragmatic; If you love the blacked out tinted look, do it, the style is more than reason enough to ahead with it. When we were young, we automatically tinted every vehicle we owned, because style was all that mattered. As we are getting older, we realize that the added benefits of tint add so much extra value that we keep coming back for more. If you are looking for a practical reason to getting your vehicle tinted, here they are. Whether or not you need the benefits, the style is something that nobody should be without.

Occupant Privacy and Theft Deterrent

Not only will you have more privacy while driving, but if a passenger stays in the car while you do a quick errand, they can relax, knowing people can’t see them inside the vehicle.

Window tint protect occupants from prying eyes, and it also makes it very hard for thieves to see any valuables left inside the vehicle. It’s common practice to ensure any luggage or valuables are stowed out of sight in the glove compartment, trunk or under a seat. Tinted windows minimize the extra time you take to hide precious items while also giving you peace of mind if you happen to forget moving your valuables out of sight.

Read more about the privacy and security benefits of window tint right here.

Protection from UV Radiation 

A darker tint blocks UV rays from the sun that eventually breakdown and damage the interior surfaces of your car or truck. Window tinting will prolong the beauty and functionality of your car interior so that colours are preserved and don’t fade over time.

More important than the damage to your vehicle are the UV rays transmitted through glass to the occupants. UV rays are a leading cause of skin cancer and other skin conditions, and window tint protects skin from UV rays.

Here are more details on the health benefits of automotive window tint.

Improved Climate Control

Sometimes shade can’t be found no matter how hard you try. Keeping the inside of your vehicle cool on hot summer days with air conditioning alone can burn through fuel like crazy. With tinted windows your car remains at a more consistent and cooler temperature, resulting in a more comfortable environment and savings in your gas tank.

A Sense of Luxury

It has to be stated, tinted windows are reminiscent of high-end vehicles and the lifestyle that accompanies them. Window tinting will upgrade and enhance the look of your vehicle and make it feel more expensive.

So you see that tinting your windows comes with a number of benefits other than just the aesthetic. If you’re considering upgrading your vehicle with window tint, check out our product page to guide you through the different options and find a tint that is right for you.

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