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A Paint & Tint Collaboration

With our friends in the business we can make any custom job possible.

Car culture is alive and well in Victoria. In collaboration with our friends in all areas of the industry, we are able to come together to make your custom car dream come true. This BMW 328i was a project that we shared with our friends at Island Color. When a customer is looking for a completely murdered out ride, it takes the work of a few different shops to do it.

The car was dropped at our shop where we immediately got it up on the hoist and had all of the original silver rims removed. Those went over to Island Color for sand, prep, prime, and paint using the custom black paint code from BMW to make a perfect match. While the rims were off getting painted, we did a complete 5% shoulders back tint using our Classic dyed film, helping to achieve the most sinister looking dark tint while still remaining completely road legal.

After one day the vehicle was completely tinted, and by the next morning the rims were cured and re-installed on the car and ready for the road. When you have Diversity work along side our complementary partner shops we are able to complete complex, multi-part jobs in a fraction of the time. We communicate with each other and get the work done quickly, turning around jobs faster than any other shop in town could.

Looking for a similar job? No matter the size of the job or your budget, we will work with our partners and see what we can do to get your sorted out in no time.

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