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Here’s to a Safe 2023
Increasing driver comfort while reducing accidents. That is the name of the game.

The New Year is here, the holidays are over, and it’s time to get back to the grind. A word of caution: with the increased rain, lower sun angle, and early sunsets comes more risk to everyone on the road- drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. Why? Rain makes it more slippery and harder to see, especially when people are wearing dark clothing; the lower sun angle throughout the day means we experience more direct glare; and early sunsets mean that the sun will be shining right in our faces as we drive home from work every day.

Now add the factors of slippery roads and blinding sun glare, and you have a recipe for an accident. We can’t force pedestrians and cyclists to wear bright clothing and use lights, and we can’t force the sun overhead where it doesn’t bother us, but Diversity has an answer that can reduce your chances of having an accident. Here’s how we can help.

One of the largest culprits in motor vehicle accidents is sun glare, especially when the sun is near the horizon in the morning and evening. Sun glare and the few seconds of blinding afterimage severely impact drivers, even when wearing sunglasses or driving with the visor down.

That being said, the sun is just one source of glare. Studies note that accidents due to glare also occur late at night, especially on wet roads, because of the bright headlights from oncoming traffic.

Glare is a concern everywhere, and there are products on the market to help reduce it. Suggestions include wearing polarized sunglasses, making sure the sun visor is down and keeping your windshield spic and span.

These ideas are helpful, but none of them are permanent or foolproof. At Diversity, we specialize in custom, automotive window tinting. Tint is a permanent solution to glare, and will also reduce the overall heat inside your car. Depending on your needs and the local regulations in your region, our tint will reduce the amount of light travelling into your vehicle by up to 95 percent.

When we are talking about the most distracting glare, we are referring to sun flares that are directly in front of the driver. Shading a windshield with tint is not advisable, but adding a sunstrip to the top of your windshield is a very good idea. We can custom-cut a sunstrip for your vehicle that will have a factory fit and finish, and it will dramatically reduce glare and distractions. Do you want to know the best part? This is the cheapest add-on we have, and one of the most beneficial as well. Read more about it right here. 

Do you want to know the best part about Sunstrips? They are the cheapest add-on we have, and one of the most beneficial as well.

Some additional advantages to having your vehicle windows tinted by experts:

  • Our tinted window film has been rigorously tested. Our installers have the technology to ensure 100 percent accuracy in the fit and finish of your vehicle.
  • We’re fast, efficient and accurate. Our professionals install tinting quickly thanks to our advanced software system.
  • We offer a range of advanced window films that will fit your vehicle, your needs, and your budget.
  • Our window tinting packages are commercial grade, are guaranteed not to bubble or fade, and have an industry-leading warranty.

Drive safe, be comfortable, and look awesome doing it. get in touch today to schedule a window tint consult.

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