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Road Guard™: Elite Package

No matter what type of paint your vehicle has, over time it will end up covered in chips and stains from exposure to the elements. Chips gradually appear thanks to small stones and gravel that impact the vehicle while driving, especially at highway speeds. When exposed to mother nature you begin to see staining of the clear coat due to sap, bird droppings, and industrial fallout.

At Diversity Auto Films we offer a range of extremely durable but completely transparent paint protection films that can be applied to your vehicle’s hood, bumpers, fenders, and door sills. The protection package outlined here is a complete front end protection, covering the full hood, fenders, mirrors, bumper, headlamps, and mirrors.

Read on to visualize the coverage, learn what is involved, and click through to contact us with any questions or to make an appointment.

Elite Package
  • Complete Front End
    Full Hood – Full Fenders
    Full Bumper – Front Mirrors
    Full Headlamps

What is Included?
How complete is it?

What is Covered
Elite Package

Our Elite Package is the ultimate front end protection for your new vehicle, guaranteed to keep your vehicle free of stone chips, scratches, and swirl marks for many years to come.

  • Full Hood: This area is always prone to stone chips and swirl marks from highway driving and routine maintenance. This is one of the most important areas to protect your paint.
  • Full Fenders: Gravel spray, salt, and stones always wreak havoc on your fenders. This package completely covers them to ward off damage before it occurs.
  • Full Bumper: Bumpers keep getting more expensive to replace or repaint. It is imperative to cover it and keep it looking new. Our films are nearly invisible, you will never even know they are there.
  • Mirrors: Anything facing head first into the wind receives a ton of damage from daily driving. We protect your mirrors from road rash and parking lot dings.
  • Headlamps: Avoid foggy ineffective headlamps by keeping them from scratching in the first place. Keep your family safe by keeping your vehicle’s safety gear in perfect working order.

Coverage Visualizer
Elite Package

What is involved
How we do it and why.

To complete a Road Guard™ paint protection package we need to make sure your vehicle is impeccably clean and that we have factory cut films specific to your vehicle’s make and model.

To prep the paint surface we start by washing and drying all of the surfaces that will have protection films applied. In this case, the hood, the front fenders, and the mirrors. We then clay bar the areas to remove any imperfections or contaminants like wax, grease, dirt, or industrial fallout from pollution.

When the vehicle is perfectly clean, the films are cut specifically for the vehicle’s make and model. We do not have to order any paint protection films for our clients, instead, we are able to print films that are pre-cut for the proper size and dimensions of every make and model of car in the world.  By manufacturing the films on site, we save you time and money, create less waste, can perform a “knifeless” installation, and achieve a fit and finish that will go way beyond your expectations.

With a clean vehicle and custom films ready, we apply a slippery solution to the vehicle so we can easily centre the film on the panel. When it is perfectly aligned, we squeegee the remaining solution out from underneath, setting it in place. We allow the edges of the film wrap around the bottom of the hood to make a seamless install that is invisible to the naked eye from almost any distance.

To permanently set the film, it goes under infrared lights, similar to what we use for windows, for about 15 mins per panel to cure the adhesive. IR light penetrates the film to cure the adhesive, and we favour this method over using heat guns that just heat the surface and cause discolouration and can damage the material.

Once the panels are set, the vehicle is ready to be returned to the owner with a rock hard paint protection unrivalled in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking it takes about half a day to apply paint protection films. That means you drop of your car and pick it up the same day, hassle-free.

Yes you do. Because we tint for major dealerships in town as well as individual clients we are usually booking about a week in advance for appointments. Some times in the year you can get in sooner, but just give us a call and we can let you know right away.

Our contact form allows you to tell us your vehicle’s make and model so we can give you an exact quote at the same time as booking your appointment.

No they don’t. You can wax them with spray wax and you can wash your car as you normally do. We recommend waiting 72 hours before you hit the pressure wash, just to be safe.

Yes, they can easily be removed at any time.

No they do not. These films do not block out UV light, so any fading to your vehicle’s will not be evident underneath the paint protection film.

The manufacturer gives a five year warranty against any defects, including peeling and chipping, and if you take good care of your vehicle, you can expect the film to last even longer than that.

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