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The Details on PPF Installation
The not-so-secret secret to perfect Paint Protection FIlms is the installation.

If you’ve decided that your vehicle is worth the protection provided by Paint Protection Film (PPF), you have lots of choices out there. You can of course choose to DIY the job… but a professional installation is always going to yield better results. Here is how professional shops go about installing PPF.

These days, few shops specialize in only PPF. Modern film shops will usually offer some combination of vinyl wrapping, window tinting, and paint protection film. Having experience in all these different areas means that these technicians are versed in all things film, and are able to do a perfect job every time.

Many larger shops use a machine called a “plotter” which pre-cuts the vinyl into appropriate-sized sections, while smaller shops still do the whole process by hand.

Regardless of the size of the shop, the process is always customized to your ride and the specific type of film being used.

That being said, installations generally follow these steps:

Cleaning and Preparation

PPF can only be successfully installed on a perfectly clean surface. Shops will use a powerful degreasing agent to remove any debris and make sure the surface is ready to accept the adhesive backing of the film.

It typically isn’t necessary to remove wax, in fact, some shops will add a layer of wax. High-end shops will give cars a thorough polish for two reasons: enhancing the appearance of the finished product and providing the absolutely smoothest possible surface for adhesion.

Applying Fitting Solution

If you’ve watched videos of PPF being installed, you’ve probably seen the technicians spraying on a substance that looks like soap before applying the film and then squeegeeing it out. This is actually known as a “fitting solution”, and is a chemical that activates the adhesive on the back of the film. Think of it like a two-part epoxy that is later activated by heat.

Depending on the film being used, the fitting solution may simply be water or a bubbly soap-like substance.

Application and Fitting

This is where the experience of the technicians really starts to matter. PPF doesn’t just snap into place, it’s significantly more complicated. The application process requires a repeating cycle of spraying, squeegeeing, and moving the film. Once it’s finally in the desired position, the technician will remove the final bubbles and creases beneath the film.


The final part of the installation also requires a professional touch. Technicians will use an industrial heat gun to activate and set the adhesive, ensuring the film will not peel off. The heat also shrinks the material and creates a tight fit.

Get it Done Right

When you come to an experienced professional shop, like Diversity Auto Films, you are getting the benefit of decades of experience in the automotive film industry. No one knows better how to take care of your vehicle than people who have been doing just that for over 20 years. Check out our services to get acquainted with what we offer. For your next PPF installation, give us a shout and we can talk about what products are right for you.

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