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Is All Tint Created Equal?
The variety of window tint on the market can be mind boggling – here’s a little guide.

Adding window films to your vehicle is one of the simplest things you can do to improve the overall performance of your car. Regardless of whether you’re driving an old beater or a brand-new car, custom-made film has numerous benefits, including enhancing UV control, heat resistance, reducing glare, and improving aesthetics.

Although automotive window tint is gaining popularity, many people are still confused about how tint works and the variety of options available to them. Dramatic improvements in window tint technology have resulted in more choice for those considering investing in window films for their vehicle.

Advantages of Window Films

Two main priorities of car owners are safety for themselves and their passengers, and protecting their vehicle. Tinting a car’s windows improves safety by enabling the car owner to control the amount of light and UV rays that enter their car. Correctly installed window films reduce glare and protect the driver and passengers from harmful UV rays. Additionally, the heat resistance provided by many varieties of window tint create more temperate climates inside the vehicle, allowing you to rely less on air conditioning and heaters.

Increasing Variety of Window Tint

Improvements in automotive window film technology has resulted in a huge variety of tint products. Car owners now can choose which problems they would like to have addressed, and professional installers can help them find the perfect product for their needs. An example of recent innovation is the heat filtering ability of modern window films. You can now use window tint to control the insulation provided by your car’s windows, keeping your car comfortable in all conditions. Car owners must also decide between dyed films and ceramic films. Dyed films are cheaper if you are on a budget, but ceramic films allow perform better with less dark shade, reduce heat more, and have a more neutral aesthetic.

How to Choose the Right Tint for You

Each type of window film is designed to meet certain needs. It is always important to keep your specific needs in mind. For example, someone with sensitive skin in a sunny climate should prioritize the UV filtering ability of window tint, while someone who lives in a less-sunny climate may prefer a less-powerful film. Make sure you talk to a licensed professional to find out which variety is right for you and your vehicle.

Window Films We Offer

Autobahn Ceramic i3 Tint: Ceramic window tint is non-metallic and uses a double layer nano-ceramic technology to block a large part of the sun’s heat, saving your car’s interior from heating up to harmful levels. They can ward off 99% of ultraviolet radiation and also keep infrared radiation out. This results in quicker cooling of the car’s interior, making it much safer and less prone to breakdowns or other problems caused by overheating. Of course, it keeps you cooler and more comfortable at the same time, without adversely affecting visibility.

Autobahn Black Ceramic: Autobahn™ Black Ceramic is built on proven nano-ceramic dispersion technology. Autobahn Black Ceramic offers virtually no low-angle haze present in some other ‘large particle’ dispersion films as well as contains a blend of type and size of ceramics that provide broad-spectrum infrared rejection rather than a simple technology that may have high infrared rejection but only within a narrow bandwidth. These window films are made with the price conscious but extremely discerning automotive customer in mind.

Autobahn Black: Our classic dyed window films offer you a variety of tint shades to achieve the style and appearance you are looking for. They offer heat rejection, but at a lower rate than our Premium Ceramic Films (full outline here). Our classic films reduce glare, block UV light, and at higher percentages increase your privacy and increase your security. This is a great option for a budget minded customer.

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Tinting your car’s windows offers simultaneous benefits of style and performance. Give us a call or stop by the shop today to find out which window film is right for you.

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