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Stay Protected From the Sun
This summer, make sure you are protected from the sun while driving.

This summer in Victoria is shaping up to be another sunny scorcher. If you are prone to sunburn, or concerned about the aging effects and long-term health consequences of UV rays, the hot weather can put a damper on the summer activities that we all enjoy. Fortunately, these concerns don’t have to keep you cooped up indoors all summer long. Modern sun protection goes well beyond the SPF rating of your favourite sunscreen. Here is the perfect way to stay safe from the sun while driving this summer.

Automotive Sunscreen

Also known as “automotive window tints”, our entire line of automotive films will protect you from 99% of harmful UV rays, every day. And with just a single application. If the look of blacked-out windows doesn’t fit your style, no worries. Ask for a clear ceramic film from Diversity that provides sun protection with no coloured tint at all. Still, you might be asking yourself: is all this really necessary?

Yes, the cushy seats, sound system, and air conditioning of your vehicle make it feel a lot like being indoors. But as far as sun exposure goes, sitting in your car isn’t that different from sitting out on the beach. In fact, a recent study by the St. Louis University School of Medicine found that people who spend more time driving in a car are more likely to develop skin cancer on the side that’s exposed to more sunlight, for North Americans, that means the left side. Couple that statistic with one in five Americans developing skin cancer in their lifetime and ‘vehicular sunscreen’ starts to make a lot of sense.

Before You Get Out to Enjoy the Sun

Hopefully, this article helps you stay safe this summer. Don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch.

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