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Does Cheap Tint Bubble?
We see plenty of vehicles at the shop with awful bubbling tint. Learn why it happens.

We have all seen it. The super modded car that is getting a bit long in the tooth. The window tint has turned purple and is bubbling up on all sides like it is covered with boils. This is something we see all the time at the shop. Customer’s come in wondering why their inexpensive window film install or DIY job hasn’t held up very well. There are good reasons why this happens, and unfortunately there is not an easy fix other than removal and re-install.

Cheap window tint will naturally bubble at some point, it is just the nature of the product. When it happens, it is generally because of a failure in the adhesive system that is used to attach the window tint to the window. The rays of the sun continually beat down on the tint, which can break down the type of adhesive that is used to hold the tint to the window, and it will eventually cause it to bubble.

The only way to guarantee that this won’t happen to you in the short term is to purchase a quality tinting system that is guaranteed against bubbling. We also recommend Hüper Optik Ceramic or Autobahn Performa window tint, which are guaranteed to last without bubbling or fading. We stand behind the product and our installers and would sort out any issues right away. This is something that budget tinters just won’t do.

Avoid DIY Bubble Fixes

One thing to beware of is DIY bubble removal. Some websites suggest that you park the car in the sun to warm up the tint, then puncture all of the bubbles with a needle and squeegee the air out. There are 3 problems with this:

  1. There is a bubble because the adhesive is no longer strong enough to hold the film to the glass. This won’t change just because you push on it.
  2. Punching holes in your film might help you remove some air temporarily, but now that there is a hole, the air will come back, and so will rain water, dirt, and grime. Exactly what your film is there to protect against.
  3. Once you punch a hole in the film and start squeegeeing there is a very good chance that the film will tear. It is much less flexible after it is cured and you might be trading a bubble for a big scar after a DIY attempt.

Don’t worry that the DIY options aren’t great. It is quick and cheap for us to remove it for you. We can remove and re-install, or just remove it to bring it back to factory specs. Completely up to you – just give us a call.

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