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Is PPF Right For You?
Here is why PPF is one of the most versatile, popular, and valuable vehicle modifications available.

In addition to the “new car smell”, the way a new vehicle gleams and shines is one of its most beautiful characteristics. However, this shiny layer of paint is vulnerable to damage and degradation. Without proper protection, your vehicle will lose its luster.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the perfect solution for keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition. PPF will protect the paint from losing its beauty and will also protect against the common hazards that threaten to cause permanent damage. Take a look at our PPF products right here.

Value for Owners

Many vehicle owners spend a lot of money having their vehicles touched up, repainted, or detailed. These are all reactive solutions; responding to damage that has already occurred. It makes more sense to invest in a preventative solution, like PPF, that will protect your vehicle from this damage in the first place.

Your vehicle’s appearance never matters as much as when it comes time to sell. A cosmetically damaged paint job will indicate to potential buyers that the car might not have received proper care and maintenance and will make them think twice. Having PPF installed on your vehicle means that its polished appearance will be preserved for years to come.

How Strong is PPF?

When it comes to any type of vehicle modification, owners demand a product that will last. PPF was designed for military use and has maintained this pedigree of toughness and durability. PPF is incredibly strong and will resist damage from extreme temperatures, abrasion, or chemical agents such as road salt and acidic bird droppings.

No two vehicles require the same amount or distribution of PPF, which is why we treat each customer that walks through our doors individually. We want to talk about the needs of you and your vehicle to find the PPF solution that fits best. Variables like the size of the vehicle, the type of paint, and the type and amount of road hazards will all affect how much PPF is applied and which parts of the vehicle are focused on. The proper application of PPF will preserve the paint on any vehicle.

Cost Efficiency

Doing the math always works out in favour of PPF. Professional application of high-quality PPF will slow the depreciation of any vehicle, meaning that your investment will retain more of its value. PPF means that your car will not only look better on the road and save you money on maintenance, but also command a higher price when it comes time to sell.

No vehicle modification should be taken lightly or completed without appropriate research. Give us a call or send us a message to see what PPF can do for you.

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