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Family, friends, and community.

In 20 years we have met so many people from all walks of life. Everyone teaches us something and brings us new found inspiration.

One of the biggest inspirations behind the work we do at Diversity Auto Films is the wide variety of people we get to meet. The range of ages, lifestyles, goals, and use cases is so wide that I am constantly amazed, even after 20 years.

Getting started in the window tinting business you would think that most of your work would come from teenagers and their hot rods that want to make their cars look super cool while they are cruising the streets. There is definitely that, and we love stylish project cars, but there is an entire world beyond that. From seniors who we help to reduce sun glare to make it easier for them to drive to see their grand kids, or new parents we help reduce UV rays and heat from the backset to help protect their new borns.

We love meeting with car collectors who search the world for the finest specimens and need their windows invisibly tinted to save their mid-century upholstery from fading while maintaining the original look of the car. Having the chance to work on some of the world’s rarest super cars is one of the treats of the business as well, and putting the finishing touches on a Ferrari, Maserati, or the latest Tesla brings out the same boyhood excitement that our lamborghini posters used to do, only in now they are in the flesh.

Meeting with families, making new friends, and solidifying relationships with our colleagues who have been in this business for decades is all part of the joy of working at Diversity. Through this website, our social networks, and our daily chats on the phone and email, we hope to build out our community, keep meeting new people, and experience all walks of life through our interactions with the people of Victoria.

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