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What Does Window Tint Actually Do?
How does it work, and why would you want it?

We have been writing tons of articles on the topic of window tint, everything from how it can increase your EV range, how it can improve your health, and increase your comfort. One thing we have been meaning to do, though, is explain the basics. Namely, what window tint does exactly, how it works, and what the benefits are for the user.

Does it matter if I call it “window film” or “window tint”?


Not really – in principle it’s the same stuff. In the industry, we often use those terms to discern between products applied to flat glass (film) and curved glass (tint). Automotive glass is curved, which is why it’s more common to hear people in the automotive industry say, “window tint”, while people in the commercial/residential industry say, “window film”.

No matter what you call it, Diversity Auto Films uses only the most advanced window films from Autobahn, with huge heat and UV rejection properties, bonded by powerful adhesives. There is a scratch resistant coating on one side; a mounting adhesive layer and a protective release liner on the other side. When the release liner is removed, the side of the film with the adhesive is applied to the interior surface of the glass.

Once tint is applied, what does it do?

Solar radiation from the sun is divided into 3 components; visible light we can see, and infrared and ultraviolet rays that we can only feel. As solar radiation strikes a piece of glass, window film blocks UV rays through glass and regulates the levels of heat and light passing through the glass. The amount of heat and light rejected is all dependant on the type of window film selected.

Energy efficient window film enhances the solar and thermal performance of a vehicle’s windows. It does this by reducing excessive solar heat gain and UV rays. This means that your vehicle will be more comfortable, more of the time, and you won’t have to crank the AC every time you start up your car.

Tint sounds right for me, what’s next?

Deciding to invest in window tint is the first step to true automotive bliss, congrats! To make sure you end up with the right product for you and ensure that the installation process is flawless, make sure you talk to an expert.

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