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Our Most Read Posts of 2017
The best of the best from Diversity Auto Films

It is New Years Day and we are taking a moment to look back at 2017 and we are enjoying everything we accomplished. One of the most interesting things we do is look at the activity from our site to see what you guys enjoyed the most, and what was the most read. In case you missed them when they came out, here is our most popular content of 2017. Click through to read more.

1. Understanding Tint Percentages

In the window tinting world we refer to our films by percentage points. Why do we do this and what does it mean? We explain it all for your right here. Get the inside scoop.

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2. Why does my window tint look blurry?

The short answer is a poor or incomplete installation. Read on to see how Diversity combats this problem that plagues the industry with one simple trick. It is worth the effort.

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3. Why Did My Window Tint Turn Purple?

Why is your window turning purple and how can you avoid it in the future? There is an easy explanation and an easy fix as well. Let us walk you through it.

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4. The Problem with Model 3’s Roof

Did Tesla make a huge mistake with the Model 3’s panoramic roof? Their recent moves suggest that they did. Read more.

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5. Why the Police Hate Illegal Tint

The police have issue with dark front window tint, and they have a few good reasons. Let’s hear right from the source why illegal tint is dangerous for local crime fighters.

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