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Tinting the Tinted
Is factory tint not enough? Here is how we tint the tinted to satisfy the most discerning driver.

Many cars today, especially SUVs and Trucks, are sold right from the factory with visible light transmission “factory tint” on the rear passenger windows.  It might seem strange that many owners still choose to have their tinted windows tinted again using window films. Why would they do this? Here is the biggest reason of all:

Heat and UV Protection

Many vehicle owners are not aware that factory tinted glass has a very limited heat rejection coefficient and in most cases virtually no ultraviolet UVA or UVB reduction. Sure, the glare is reduced and your passengers have additional privacy, but the heat gain through factory tinted glass is very often extreme and UV rays remains un-blocked. Factory tinted glass gives the look of a well protected car without all of the benefits of modern window films.

The Keys to Tinting Factory Tint

There are a few things we think about when we are tinting factory tinted windows. The first is the most critical, which is making sure to match not just the colour of the aftermarket window film to the colour of the factory tint, but also the reflectivity of the originally tinted glass. A shiny back window against a less reflective driver side window will spoil the whole look, and we have a options at our disposal to give you the best match possible.

Since factory tinted windows have the light rejecting properties blown right into the glass, it is very easy for us to add window films that will reject the required amount of light as well as excess heat energy and UVA and UVB rays.

Along with pre-tinted rear windows, many vehicles also have a permanently tinted sun strip at the very top of their windshield. This is another great example of tinting done at the factory to reduce light interference that does nothing to block dangerous UV light or excess heat. When the sun is in your eyes on your evening commute, you want to think about the health of your eyes and add a small strip of UV blocking window tint along the sun strip to give you piece of mind that you protecting your most important asset of all. Your health.

Are you ready to explore some options? Have a look at all of our tinting options available right here, then give us a shout with any questions or to make an appointment.

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