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Is it OK to Use PPF on Expensive Cars?
Owners of expensive automobiles are understandably careful about what happens to their cars. Here are the details about PPF.

We understand why vehicle owners can be wary of aftermarket vehicle modifications. Whether it’s window tint, a new set of rims, or the addition of Paint Protection Films, it’s worth doing your research to ensure that you get what’s best for your vehicle. This goes double if you are the owner of a rare, exotic, or expensive vehicle.

At Diversity Auto Films, we are car nuts and paint lovers. We are the type of people that want to know every piece of information about a mod before going through with it – and we think you should want that too. We believe that while PPF is the ideal product for many people, there are certain problems that PPF can’t solve or scenarios where PPF isn’t the right solution.

Below we’ll talk about the benefits of Paint Protection Film for high-end automobiles, what the potential pitfalls are, and who we think should get PPF for their vehicles.

What is to Be Gained From PPF

As the name implies, Paint Protection Films (PPF) are used to protect your vehicle’s paint. They are thin, clear, protective urethane films that cover high-wear portions of your vehicle (such as the hood, fenders, and side mirrors) in order to protect them from damage.

Diversity only uses the highest quality films available on the market: Autobahn RoadGuard. These sophisticated films are composed of 3 layers (plus release liners on the top and bottom, like the protective coverings that come on a new appliance). Each layer contributes to the overall performance of the film – find out more about Autobahn RoadGuard on the product page, here.

Premium films from Autobahn offer incredible performance and a host of benefits, including:

  • Clear Thermoplastic Polyurethane Top Coated Technology. The construction of Autobahn’s premium films is specially formulated to deliver extreme performance. The top layer provides excellent chemical resistance, preventing stains and chemical damage, and gives the film its hydrophobic properties. The layering system is also responsible for giving the film its premium gloss finish.
  • Optimal Chemical Protection. The main reason to add PPF to your vehicle is to protect the paint from damage that occurs while driving. It doesn’t matter how carefully your car is driven, any car that spends time outdoors will encounter chemical agents like bird droppings, road salt, and tree sap. The clear top coat is chemically inert, meaning it will shrug off acidic compounds easily. Finally, you enjoy birdsong without fearing for your paint!
  • Impact Resistance. Sandwiched between the top coat and the adhesive is 6mil of high-quality polyurethane. This layer is the thickest part of PPF and is responsible for absorbing impact and deflecting debris away from your paint. If you care about your paint, RoadGuard is the answer.
  • Unparalleled Durability. Autobahn RoadGuard is the most durable PPF on the market and is the best protection you can buy for your paint job. The film and adhesive are constructed with UV inhibitors built-in, meaning that they won’t break down from UV exposure.
  • Lifetime Warranty. All Autobahn films come with a limited lifetime warranty when installed by an Autobahn-certified dealer, like Diversity Auto Films. This warranty covers things like discolouration, cracking, crazing, blistering, peeling, and delamination. Choosing a premium product from Diversity will give you confidence and peace of mind.

Are There Any Risks With PPF?

Nothing is more nerve-racking than modifying an expensive or rare vehicle. Before the actual installation, you will likely have a million different scenarios running through your mind.

When looking at PPF options, you must consider film quality and installation quality. Poor quality film is more likely to discolour and crack because the adhesives and urethane will be made without UV inhibitors and will degrade from solar exposure. Cheap film won’t protect as well as premium film, won’t last nearly as long, and will be a nightmare to remove.

Installation quality is just as important as materials quality. Even a product as good as Autobahn RoadGuard will not perform well if it is installed poorly. That is why Autobahn only deals to certified shops with well-trained, experienced technicians. Read about what it means to be an Autobahn shop right here. A bad installation will leave particles trapped underneath the film, leading to bubbles and poor adhesion. Make sure that you choose a reputable shop for your PPF installation.

Plan for the Future

When equipping an expensive car, you want to make sure that the film can be peeled away when it’s time for a replacement. The two ingredients in a clean removal are high-quality films installed properly, and a reasonable replacement schedule. To ensure the safety of your paintwork, have the films replaced every few years, rather than every few decades. To get an idea of a proper replacement schedule, talk to one of our experts right here.

Is PPF For Everyone?

No. Especially for expensive cars with beautiful paint jobs, we only recommend PPF for vehicles that are actually driven. If your car is going into storage for a long period of time, PPF isn’t necessary and you are better off waiting until the vehicle will be driven somewhat regularly.

That being said, if you intend to actually use your vehicle, PPF is a vital addition. It will protect your paint from all sorts of damage, and maintain the condition of your vehicle for years. Not only will you enjoy driving more and feel less stress, but you will also find yourself getting much more value out of the vehicle when it’s time to sell.

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