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Costs of Protective Films vs Repainting
Films are a preventative solution, whereas costs are reactive. At the end of the day, which is the better choice?

At Diversity Auto Films, we field questions from clients every day about the value of our services versus the cost of bodywork on damaged vehicle paint jobs. Sometimes it can seem hard to quantify its value, but a recent side-by-side comparison made by one of our clients shows that it pays huge dividends to protect your paint instead of waiting to repair it once it is damaged.

The Cost of Respraying Damaged Areas

After calling multiple body shops in the Victoria area we put together an average quote for front-end respraying of a compact car that was damaged with rock chips, swirl marks, and general road rash from normal use (no major dents or scrapes). Here is how the respraying costs break down:

Cost of hood respraying: $550
Cost of fender respraying: $350 per side = $700

Total Respraying Cost: $1250

It is important to note that these prices were for a basic black paint job, and adding a metallic or pearl paint colour would increase this price by up to $300.

Cost of Stone Guard™ Paint Protection Film

Customers who opt for a Stone Guard ™ Paint Protection Film package receive films that are custom-cut specifically to the make and model of their vehicle. Our “Highway Package” gives you coverage on your hood, fenders, mirrors, and headlamps, protecting your most vulnerable areas from rock chips and road rash. Here is how the cost breaks down:

“Standard Package” For Cars (check out the details on this service right here)

Invisible protective films covering the
Hood, Fenders, Mirrors, and Headlamps

Total Protection Cost: $725

Total Savings From Paint Protection: $525!

This represents a 40% savings for the customer, saves tons of time and energy compared to finding a body shop that can schedule a major vehicle repainting, and helps your vehicle to retain its resale value for years to come. Stone Guard ™ protective films are washable, waxable, and even removable with no damage ever done to your paint job. When you break it down, it is such an easy call, especially for a new vehicle.

If you have questions about how PPF can work for your vehicle, read about our services right here and get in touch with our experts by clicking here.

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