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Platinum Paint Protection Series
Taking vehicle security to a whole new level.

Life on the road can be rough for automotive paint. Every mile increases the risk of nicks, scratches, stains and more that can spoil your vehicle’s finish – and your day. This is why we are now offering a new line of Paint Protection Films that take your security to the next level.

LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film is your ultimate defence against damage. It’s a highly advanced, virtually invisible layer that improves the performance of your automotive paint, making it less vulnerable to rocks, road debris, winter salt and sand. A ten-year warranty, self-healing surface, and HydroGard technology elevate Platinum Series performance to superior levels. Whether you’re a perfectionist or just love what you drive, this best-in-class protection is good for your car and your confidence.

Benefits include:

  • This film’s self-healing surface significantly improves the performance and durability of automotive paint finishes.
  • Over time, this minor damage takes away from the beauty of your finish. Added protection helps keep it fresh and new looking.
  • Gloss and matte options match factory and custom paints, so it’s difficult to detect where paint protection film has been installed.
  • Excellent resistance to yellowing and stains from dirt, oil, tar and bugs helps keep your paint color true and fresh looking longer.
  • Our advanced Hydrogard™ technology is designed to add water resistance and enhance the durability of your vehicle’s exterior.
  • We promise to protect your investment in automotive film and installation with a Limited 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Looking for some paint protection? Give us a shout with your questions, we would love to hear from you.

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