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Premium Ceramic Window Films

Cars with standard window tinting enjoy over 99% UV protection, which keeps you safe from UV rays and protects your interior from fading. The charcoal tint also reduces radiant heat energy in the vehicle, keeping you cool in the summer and keeping the warm air inside in the winter.

Many clients, especially those with high end cars, are eager to have their windows tinted to gain all of the advantages above, but they want to maintain the cars factory look and do not want blacked out windows. For this, we have a wonderful line of premium ceramic window films. With these films we are able to achieve the same 99% UV reduction and extreme radiant heat reduction even when we are using a completely clear window film. You get the same protection and preserve the factory look just like the manufacturer intended. In fact, a clear ceramic film will block the same about of heat as a 25% standard charcoal tint, without the blacked out limousine look.

Below we outline how we do our window tinting and ask some of the most frequently asked questions. Give it a browse then give us a shout to set up an appointment.

Premium Ceramic
$75/add on
  • Ceramic Film Upgrade
  • Higher Heat Rejection
    Extra UV Protection
    Privacy Optional
    For High End Vehicles
    Lifetime Warranty
    Satisfaction Guaranteed

What is involved
How we do it and why.

Step 1: When we take possession of a car for window tinting the entire process begins with a thorough cleaning of the windows that are going to be tinted. It is imperative that they are immaculate, or little pieces of dust and grime will be forever trapped underneath your new window tinting.

Step 2: To ensure that the tinting is applied in such a way as to never roll up or dog-ear at the edges, we remove the lower window moulding on the inside of the vehicle to gain access to the bottom of the window. Many tinters only tint the visible areas, but over a long enough timeline they will roll and peel if the film does not extend below the mouldings.

Step 3: After we apply the window films we take extra time around the top of the window, carefully trimming along the contours of the glass at the same angle as the edge to give a factory quality finish. No matter how closely you inspect the window you would know the tinting wasn’t applied at the factory.

Step 4: Once all the tinting is done, mouldings are replaced, and all edges are cut and sealed, each window is given some time under heats lamps. Each window gets about 15 minutes, and by raising the temperature for a sustained period we are able to fully cure the window film, giving it back to you in factory condition with no restriction on usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Generally speaking it takes about half a day to tint your windows. That means you drop of your car and pick it up the same day, hassle free.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes you do. Because we tint for major dealerships in town as well as individual clients we are usually booking about a week in advance for appointments. Some times in the year you can get in sooner, but just give us a call and we can let you know right away.

Our contact form allows you to tell us your vehicle’s make and model so we can give you an exact quote at the same time as booking your appointment.

What brand of ceramic films do you use?

We are a certified Autobahn installation centre. It is not enough to just sell great products in this industry. To give a customer an industry leading experience, they need expert professionals to help them make the best choice to suit their needs. That is why Diversity works with autobahn™ to source the best Window Films and Paint Protection Films, because our customers receive best in class products that offer a FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY.

It means that even though we offer you a full line of products, every single one is covered by our lifetime warranty. When the products are this good, we are willing to put our reputation on the line and stand behind our products and our installation 100%. Since our technicians and installers are trained at the highest level, there is never a single issue with fit or finish; every single job looks like a perfect factory application.

There are companies out there that will say they will give you a lifetime warranty, but they are really just hoping that 5 years down the line that you will forget who tinted your windows (or they don’t plan to be around that long). When you see an autobahn™ logo at the shop and on their website, that is how you know they meet the highest standards in the industry, and offer a true lifetime warranty on all products.

Is there ever an extra charge?

The only extra charge would be if you have old window films that need to be removed before we apply the new ones. Removing tint from an entire car comes with a $125 fee.

Why get tinted at Diversity?
Our competitive advantage.

There are a few things about Diversity Auto Films that make us stand out from the pack. After 20 years in the business we have seen so much that we know what to look for in good products and good workmanship. We use only the best tinting products from our partners at Madico and Llumar, and we personally extend their warranties, meaning we offer a lifetime warranty on not only the labour, but the products as well. That means if you ever have a problem of any kind, you just bring it in and we will make it right, no matter how long ago you were in for your service.

Over the years we have really honed our customer experience. We took cues from our clients and learned from miscues from our competitors to offer a suite of unique services that greatly improve our customer satisfaction. We offer same day service because we know that nobody wants to be without their car over night. We offer a factory quality finish that is so perfect that car lots and dealerships from across the city bring their cars to us for “factory” installation. We heat cure each of our windows with lamps to ensure that the films are fully adhered and any anomalies that pop up during drying are fixed by us and not experienced by the customer. You get your vehicle back ready to use without having to avoid using the windows for days like other shops would have you do.

When you come to Diversity you get quality workmanship, completed in a day, with a full lifetime warranty, from a crew with over 20 years experience. That is Diversity’s competitive advantage.

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