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What do you do after you buy a supercar?

Wrap it up. We do it just like Jay does at our shop everyday. Check it out.

Jay Leno is known for having one of the most complete collections of rare and sought after cars and motorcycles at his garage in California. You can see him reviewing new cars, test driving his old classics, and interviewing big names in the industry each week at his youtube channel “Jay Leno’s Garage“.

When you look at the guy who owns his own dream car, and probably the dream car of every person who reads this blog as well, you get an idea that he has seen it all in the world of automotive maintenance, restoration, and preservation. This is why this video above is so relevant.

Jay was one of the first people to get their hands on McLaren’s new P1, and was one of only 375 people in the entire world to have the opportunity to buy one. At a price tag of over $1.6 million it begs the question: how do you even drive it without worrying that you are going to destroy such a huge investment? Well, it turns out it easy. The first thing Jay did when he bought it was have paint protection films applied to all of the body panels. These films are completely invisible, do not cause fade lines, have no impact on UV light, are washable, replaceable, and repairable.

See how the technician and his team prep the car for application with a thorough clean, then apply the pre-cut segments to each body panel. They trim the excess and smooth all of the edges, then leave it to cure and harden before handing the car back to Jay to drive. We do this exact procedure in our shop every day, applying paint protection films for individual clients as well as the vast majority of cars coming off the lots of some of your favourite car dealerships in town. They are a quick an inexpensive way to protect your investment without ruining the perfect factory shine of your new vehicle.

Interesting in learning more about paint protection films? You can check out our base prices here, then give us a call or an email, we would be more than happy to chat.

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