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Is PPF Right for You and Your Car?
Everyone’s priorities and needs are different. Here are a few simple questions to help you consider whether PPF is right for you and your car.

Consider PPF to be an investment in protecting your vehicle – kind of like buying a screen protector for an expensive new smartphone. Deciding whether or not to get PPF is a bigger decision than deciding which air freshener to buy, so it’s worth doing some research before scheduling your appointment.

Read on for more info on how to decide if PPF is right for you.

Buy or Lease?

If you own the car, the reasons to protect the paint are obvious. Not only will PPF help you enjoy the vehicle while you own it, but you will get better value out of it when it’s time to sell. PPF can be removed and replaced at any time without damaging the underlying paint, so when you decide to sell, you can simply peel it away and reveal flawless paint.

If you’ve leased the car, the decision is a little less clear. Carefully read the terms of your lease agreement and understand what provisions exist for wear and tear. Dealers make a lot of money by charging you for paint damage when you return the car, so PPF can be an inexpensive insurance policy against these charges. Simply by installing PPF when you get the car and removing it before you return the vehicle will allow you to escape dealer fees. Additionally, if you decide to buy the vehicle after leasing it, you will be happy that you protected the paint during the lease period.

Highway Driving?

Does your normal commute involve any time on the highway? Do you use the vehicle for road trips every year? Do you ever find yourself on local back roads? These are all good reasons to consider PPF.

At Diversity, we see cars with 500km spent on the highway with more paint damage than cars that have spent 5,000km on city streets. The nature of highway driving exposes your vehicle to rock chips, bug splatter, dings, and dents far more than any other scenario. Highway driving leads to a slow accumulation of damage. Without protection, you will find yourself asking how it got so bad.

With PPF, cleaning up after a road trip couldn’t be easier. Not only do you not have to worry about acidic bug splatter ruining your paint, but once you get home all it will take is a quick wash to get rid of the dirt and grit. Prevent irreversible damage with PPF.


At Diversity, we understand that no two drivers are alike and no two vehicles are exactly the same. That’s why we offer different packages and configurations of PPF. We want to be able to provide everyone with precisely the protection they need – nothing more and nothing less.

To get started, take a look at our product offerings and then give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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