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Save Money on Gas
A simple trick to improve your vehicle and save on fuel costs.

Any car sitting outside in the sun gets extremely hot. While this is obviously worse in summer, it is a year-round problem. If you have a black or dark-coloured vehicle with a dark interior, it can feel 10 times worse than that. This is why most of us blast our A/C as soon as we get into our cars to reduce the heat and enjoy a good cruise around the island. It turns out, though, that keeping your A/C on all day can cost you A LOT of money in extra fuel costs.

Why does the air conditioner waste fuel?

Most vehicle air conditioners require engine power to operate. Of all auxiliary power requirements, A/C systems use has the greatest impact on fuel consumption. Using the air conditioning can increase fuel consumption by up to 20% because of the extra load on the engine. The total load on the engine depends on the vehicle’s interior size, the outdoor temperature, and other operating conditions. This phenomenon does not just happen in the summer. In the winter, vehicles use the heat from the engine to warm the cabin air. However, if the defrost setting is selected, the A/C system may also be engaged automatically to keep the windows from fogging.

How can you reduce this added cost?

Very simple: window tint. The latest technology in window films does not just block UVA/UVB rays, they also reduce the sun’s heat entering your vehicle in the summer and reduce radiant heat loss in the winter by up to 50%. This means your vehicle stays very comfortable all summer WITHOUT the A/C, and it retains heat better in the winter as well.

Increase your style AND save money

A full window tint simply isn’t that expensive. You get to choose how dark it is to suit your personal style, increase your privacy, and reduce break-ins. On top of all of that, you will save a ton of money over the next 10 years, up to $3000 in fact, in reduced fuel costs alone. These numbers are staggering! You could tint your vehicle now and it is like setting up a savings plan for later, that pays you out in interest every single year. On top of that, you can cut your carbon emissions in half at the same time. Leaving a smaller footprint and saving money are both very, very good things.

Take a look at these numbers and find the fuel economy that best matches your vehicle. We think you will be surprised by what you find – if you have any questions or would like to get started, just give us a shout.

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