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Keeping PPF Edges Clean
WIth these tips, cleaning PPF edges is an easy process.

PPF, also known as clear bras, have given drivers the ability to protect their vehicles from all types of environmental and everyday damage without altering the look of their vehicles. These films are typically applied to the most vulnerable parts of a vehicle, at the owner’s discretion. High-quality PPF can last for years and years, so eventually, you will have to clean it.

While the general maintenance of PPF is easy, just wash as normal, there is one area that films can prove frustrating. Gunk accumulating where the edges of the film meet the paint can mar the aesthetic of any car, but especially cars with white or light coloured paint. The good news is that this gunk build-up usually takes a long time to become noticeable, and is quickly dealt with.

How to Clean PPF Edges

Here’s what you need: wooden toothpicks, q-tips, 30% strength rubbing alcohol, and a microfibre cloth. Start by using the toothpicks to lightly break up any gunk that has accumulated along the edge of the PPF. There is no need to push very hard and DO NOT LIFT UP THE FILM. Simply run it back and forth to get rid of the major build-up.

While you’re doing that, soak a few q-tips in the alcohol. After using the toothpicks, rub the q-tips along the edges to get rid of any residue. The alcohol will act as a solvent, and the q-tips will absorb residue. As with the toothpicks, don’t use excessive force.

Use the microfibre cloth to rub down an area after cleaning it. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to give your car a normal was after doing this.

What if the Film is Lifting Off?

If, while cleaning, you notice that part of the film is peeling off, resist the urge to pick at it. There are a few things you can do:

Did you get it done at Diversity? All the PPF that is applied a Diversity comes with a manufacturer-backed guarantee against chipping and peeling. If you got your vehicle done with us and notice a defect, you have nothing to worry about. We will get it fixed for you at no expense.

Did you get it done somewhere else? If you got the PPF applied at a different shop, ask them if there is a warranty covering their products or services. If they decide to ignore you, you can still bring it to us and we can help you out. Usually, peeling areas can be carefully cut away to create a new crisp edge. Alternatively, we can remove your peeling PPF and replace it with a higher-quality film.

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