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Avoiding Diabetes Retina Damage
Everyone has a different set of health needs. We want to help everyone stay comfortable and safe.

Sometimes we tint windows to help people achieve a specific look for their vehicle. Other times we tint a car so a family can ride in comfort and shield their kids from harmful UV rays. But sometimes the reason for tinting is much more serious. When it is due to a dramatic medical condition we pull out all of the stops to make sure our client can stay healthy and them reclaim some of their lost freedom.

Many people with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes suffer from diabetic retinopathy, which can lead to blood leaking into the retina from ruptured blood vessels, causing new, weaker blood vessels to form. Once these new vessels break, which can occur at any time, the blood leaks into the middle part of the eye in front of the retina and vision is altered. The bleeding can cause scar tissue, which can then cause the retina to become detached or cause a large rupture in any of the blood vessels, or cause a slow leaking of blood. These gradual events can lead to blindness, if not treated.

This condition can be solved today through a special type of laser surgery, but each time the eye is treated with a laser it becomes more sensitive to light.

Most of these situations can be taken care of by simply avoiding flashing from cameras, closing the blinds at home, wearing darkened sunglasses when outside, tilting the computer screen around so you can see a little better, even taking a break from the computer. Some people have chosen to have the windows in their homes & vehicles tinted to decrease the amount of strong sunlight coming into the home.

Tinting the front windows is frowned upon in some provinces and outright illegal in others. But, with a valid doctors note showing eye damage and clinical sensitivity we are able to tint your front windows, increase your comfort, and give you back the freedom of driving your vehicle in comfort.

Read more about this condition at Diabetic Live and contact us today to come up with a plan to keep you comfortable and keep you on the road.

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