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Birthday Presents for a Car Lover
What to buy for the Gearhead in your life.

If you have a car buff in your life who’s birthday is approaching, or you ARE a car buff and want to check out some cool accessories, then this short list of car or truck accessories is for you.

Top 10 car accessories for a safer, more comfortable, more organized and all-round cooler driving experience.

Non-Slip Dash Pad

For those who insist on treating their dashboard as a table, this non-slip dash pad keeps  items where you put them, and the sticky surface helps ensure your phone, debit card, or pack of breath mints won’t become a projectile every time you tap the brakes or skim a pothole.

Add-On Cup Holder

If you’re like me, all the items others would chuck on their dash wind up in a cupholder. Extra cupholders are available in a variety of styles and can clip onto the air vents or side handles or other interior surfaces, ensuring you have at least one cupholder dedicated to-well, cups.

Back-Up Camera

Say goodbye to 17 point reverses, and take the hesitation out of even the tightest parking space. HD rear facing cameras are usually waterproof and prevent accidents and injuries.

Window Tint

Window tint improves the looks of any vehicle while protecting occupants from UV rays of the sun. Window tint blocks more than 99% of UV rays, protecting your skin and the interior surfaces of the vehicle from damage. Film keeps the car cooler when it is hot. Note there are laws around tinted windows on vehicles and they differ from one part of the world to another. Make sure you look into the regulations.

Back Seat Fridge

Constructed for traveling, plug in coolers fit into any vehicle to keep perishables from spoiling. What makes this option better than a ho-hum ice cooler is that not only will a plug-in cooler for car travel keep items cold, but there are some that will keep food warm.

Custom All-Weather Floor Mats

Custom made for specific makes and models, floor mats provide protection against anything they come into contact with.

Massage Back Seats

With passenger massage cushions, you can convert any backseat driving trip into a Rolls Royce experience, regardless of the make and model of your vehicle. No more games of “shotgun” for who gets the front passenger seat.

USB Phone Car Charger

A great stocking stuffer is a USB car charger for keeping devices juiced up, and some come with two ports for multiple devices. You might want one for the back seat too, so the passengers can listen to relaxing nature sounds while they enjoy their massages.

Portable Jump Starter

Giving a portable jump starter as a birthday gift is like giving someone a fire escape plan for their birthday. The recipient will roll their eyes and make jokes about your paranoia. Let them laugh. They will thank you when they break down in the middle of nowhere with no other vehicles to assist with a jump.

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