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6 Reasons Why You Should Tint
The benefits extend way beyond the cosmetic.

Automotive window tint has exploded in popularity in recent years. People are beginning to understand that the value of professionally installed window tint goes well beyond merely the cosmetic. Tint can be applied in a variety of shades and strengths so each motorist can get exactly what they want, and also to make sure that the darkness conforms to regulations.

High-quality window tint adds tremendous value to your vehicle, and is one of the financially smartest modifications that can be made. Besides the obvious value of improving looks, here are 6 great reasons why you should consider getting your windows tinted today.

UV Ray Protection

Excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays has been conclusively proven to cause many major health concerns, such as sunburn, suppression of the immune system, premature aging, skin damage, and even skin cancer. Fortunately, professionally installed window tint will shield you and other occupants of your car from up to 99% of UV rays.

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Save Your Interior

UV rays are as harmful to the interior surfaces of your vehicle as they are to your skin. While you leave your car parked outside, the sun beats down on the leather, vinyl, plastic, and wood that makes up the inside of your vehicle. Preventing the interior surfaces from fading and cracking is of utmost importance for your enjoyment of your vehicle, as well as its resale value. High-quality tint will not only save your skin from damage, but it will help the inside of your car look newer for longer.

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Resale Value

Most add-ons, such as aftermarket lowering and most body kits, may actually reduce the resale value of a vehicle. It can be tricky to negotiate the world of automotive modifications while keeping the resale value of your vehicle in mind. Thankfully, properly tinted windows are a great way to add value to your ride. Our friends at Bankrate discovered that professionally tinted windows add value to your vehicle, making tint a smart investment.

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Stay Cool and Comfortable

We’ve all experienced the blast of heat when opening your car’s door on a hot summer day. Especially those of us whose cars have dark interiors know that our vehicles quickly turn into saunas when left outside in the sun. Untreated glass only filters out about 30% of the heat from the sun, while a window treated with professional grade tint will filter out over 80%. Tint will make your vehicle’s cabin much more comfortable, and will lighten the load on your AC unit, helping it last longer.

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One of the most commonly overlooked sources of injury during an accident is shattered glass. Phillips Law Group ( has done the research that shows the extent of injury that can be caused by shattered automotive glass during even the smallest of accidents. Automotive window tint holds the glass shards together during impact, meaning that the occupants of the vehicle won’t be showered by broken glass. Without tint, occupants are vulnerable to flying shards.

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Window tint is being thought of less and less as a luxury, and is now being considered a necessity. The many benefits of properly installed tint easily outweigh the upfront cost of the job, and when you have it done with us, you have the benefit of our fantastic guarantee. If you have any questions, please give us a call or stop by.

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