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Tinting Offers Protection, AND Style

Tinting Offers Protection, AND Style
Tint doesn’t just look good. It protects as well.

Adding tint to the windows of your vehicle can benefit you more than simply enhancing your cars appearance and investing in the long term functionality of your vehicle. Properly applied window tint has numerous benefits ranging from comfort, privacy, safety, and even the health of the vehicle occupants.

Here are the reasons to invest in window tint for your car.

Protection from high temperatures

Improve the comfort of car occupants by adding window tint to your vehicle. High temperatures inside the car can be prevented by window tint that regulates the amount of heat coming in though the windows. Window tint reduces the interior temperatures by up to 60%, preventing fluctuations in temperature that cause discomfort and upholstery damage.

Protection from UV Rays

It’s common knowledge that prolonged and repeated exposure to UV rays is not only uncomfortable but irreversibly damages the skin. Basic car window tinting can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, reducing the time occupants come into contact with UV and UVB rays that promote skin aging, skin cancer, cataracts and sunburns. A cool interior is good for the health of car, as it prevents fading.

Protect and extend the Car Lifespan

Window tints are like sunscreen for your vehicle, preventing heat damage and allowing it to perform better. Depending on the grade, window film can block up to 65% of the solar heat that builds up in a car, resulting in a more comfortable interior climate and lowered fuel consumption from air conditioning overuse.

UV rays can also cause the car parts to overheat, and the expansion and contraction in response to temperature changes can cause damage to mechanical parts, cracking of the upholstery and wear on the interior surfaces of your car.

Protection from broken or shattered glass

Window film is designed to be shatter-proof in the event it’s struck by an object. Tinting the windows is an added layer of protection between the passengers and devastating flying glass, and strengthens the glass to protect passengers from flying through a window in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Window film is a binding agent that can effectively hold the shattered glass and prevent the shards from flying. The window tint does not prevent window breakages, but it can reduce the injuries caused from shattered glass.

Protection from Burglary

Window tint, especially a deeper tint, prevents unwanted eyes from seeing into your vehicle, adding a layer of privacy for both occupants and possessions. The addition of window tint has been shown to reduce opportune break-ins and protect your valuable items from theft.
You can choose from several options of automotive window tinting at Diversity, that protects your car interior from solar radiation. Car owners may opt for light or dark window shades for adequate protection of passengers and car parts from continued solar bombardment.

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