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Fear Of Bad Tint

Fear of Bad Tint is Real, But Avoidable

#FOBT and the Llumar Advantage

Reblogged from Llumar’s Amy Marrin, see more of their work right here.

Don’t let it get the best of you.

We’re all human, so of course we all have fears. It’s why FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, has caught on so quickly. And it’s clear proof of our shared fear of failing to enjoy life to the fullest. Do a quick Facebook search for #FOMO and you’ll see it plastered all over: in posts from friends, family, businesses and even celebrities. On Twitter, there’s even an @FOMO account, devoted exclusively to tweeting out not-to-be-missed events.

Why we’re afraid, and why it needs to stop.

But what about FOBT, or Fear Of Bad Tint? It’s a nagging concern that keeps drivers everywhere from enjoying life on the road to the fullest, making them too afraid of a bad tint job to even consider all the fantastic benefits of a good tint job. It’s easy to understand why bad tint strikes fear in our hearts. It can mean your views are ruined by bubbles, creases, and possibly even a strange purple discoloration.

Where there is FOBT, there is also hope.

Friends, bad tint does not need to happen to you. Or anyone! By choosing a top-quality auto tint and working with a reputable, professional installer, you can avoid the traumatic embarrassment and suffering caused by a bad tint job. That’s why we’re sharing one unfortunate car owner’s story with you. Her story will help you avoid making the same mistake she did: rushing into tinting and choosing a tint shop solely by price. What you are about to see may shock you and sadden you but please know, there is hope. Especially when you choose a LLumar dealer like West Coast Customs and LLumar automotive tint.

This Doesn’t Have to Be You

Fight Against FOBT with LLumar & Diversity

There are so many good experiences out there waiting to happen. Let’s show the world we no longer have suffer from FOBT. Diversity Auto Films sees more satisfied customers than any other tint shop in Victoria. This is because of our superior product from Llumar, our expert installers, and our extensive warranty and service guarantee. Don’t fear bad tint, come to Diversity for a premium experience.

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