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Fuel Economy & Window Films

In the heat you need your A/C, but using it means wasted fuel. Here is how you can increase your fuel economy with window films & be more comfortable at the same time.
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Factory Tint: Is It Enough?

If your new car has darkened windows you may wonder if aftermarket films are necessary. Here we outline the limitations of factory tint, and the benefits of aftermarket films.
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Things That Damage Your Paint

if you’ve got a new vehicle or a new paint job on your older vehicle, you’ll want to be aware of the many things that can cause damage to your paint and how to avoid them.
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5 Reasons to Use PPF

Your vehicle is often the biggest financial investment that you will ever make. If you put a protective film on your phone to keep it safe, you should do the same with your car.
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Paint Protection in Canada

Canada is known for it’s tough weather, and even tougher people. Whether you live in the wet coastal region or in the sub-zero climates, the weather will take its toll on your car.
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4 Reasons to Tint This Summer

Window tinting doesn't just make your vehicle LOOK cool, it makes it more comfortable, safe, private, and affordable to run. Read about all of the benefits of tinting right here.
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