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Cut the Glare, Cut the Risk

Click here to learn about an extremely inexpensive way to reduce glare, increase driver comfort, and reduce fatal accidents using one simple trick. You will be very glad you did!
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The Dark Side of the Sun

The article explains the damaging effect of the sun on a trucker after 28 years in the business. We work with drivers to help them control the sun and avoid this fate themselves.
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Glare & Accidents

Sunstrips, sunroofs, and side windows. These are the worst culprits for the glare that causes accidents all through the summer months. Get out in front of it before summer hits.
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Skin Cancer Foundation Notes

Our friends at the Skin Care Foundation are on a mission to increase awareness about casual sun damage and its link to preventable skin cancer. Read about their studies here.
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5 Tips for Road Trip Success

Road trippin' with a new baby can be daunting, but that doesn't mean that family trips can't be a blast. Check out these tips for travelling with youngsters the easy way.
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Road Works & Car Damage

A two year construction project is starting at the McKenzie Interchange. Time to protect your vehicle for your commute, it is going to be a messy job!
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